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1-29-01: Installed the crankshaft, rods, and pistons today. Once again, someone sent me the wrong bearings and I had to reorder them. Fortunately, it only set me back about 5 hours. I will still be home on friday if my friend marc gets back from the north soon. Al I have left is drill the head and install it. Then I can put it into my car!! Roll Out!

Update: As of 12-18-01
The old B16a died due to a few thrown rod bearings. The Mad Scientist and I haven't ripped apart the block yet, but it will happen soon. I am currently working on my Ls/Vtec.

I purchased a 1990 B18a1 from Whitey's Wrecking, there was some rust on two of the cylinder walls which was easily honed out. However, there was a rut formed on the top of each cylinder walls from the previous piston rings. So, I opted to bore out the block .25mm oversize with a brand new set of B16B(PCT) or Civic Type R pistons. I decided to use the PCT pistons because they were the cheapest I could find. They have a Compression ratio of 10.8. The stock LS pistons have a dreadfully low compression ratio that would only kill my performance. (Unless, I wanted to turbo). I am getting a thicker head gasket than the stock one to lower the high compression.

Update 1-25-02: I am not getting the fatty head gasket yet. The final calculations revealed that I will be running 12.3:1 compression. With some fuel and ignition upgrades and tuning, that should be good for another 10-15hp. Downsides, I have to run high octane all the time!
One downside to the PCT piston is the rods have to be milled .050" (1.25mm) to fit with the new pistons. A process that regrettfully takes an hour and a half equaling to $100. Another one of those hidden things that slows my engine building down.
I will be using the Head from my B16a, even though it has a small crack in it. I think it should be fine. Unfortunately the 1990-91 blocks do not come with a knock sensor, so one must be added to prevent detonation and to run the VTEC.

What's an LS/VTEC??
An ls/vtec is simply a b18a/b with a attached to any B-series VTEC head. (i.e. 89-00 JDM b16a, 92-00 GSR USDM,JDM, 99-00 Civic Si) It is a simple process, the only things that you need to do is create an oil supply for the new head on the non-vtec bottom, and modify the head to fit on the new bottom. I chose to follow C-speedracing for my ls/vtec.

Why an LS/VTEC??
A lot of people wonder, why would I want to build an ls/vtec? Why not just buy a B16a or a GSR? First of all, I had a B16a for a year and a half, and I know that they are fun. The b16a lacks a lot of lower end torque. Which is essential to having a fast engine. Second, the GSR motor is a little more spendy. It has the lower end torque and the high end gains of the luscious VTEC. Thirdly, a b18a/b has a lot of lower end torque. For example:

95-00 Integra GSR has 128-129 ft-lbs. of torque @ 6200 rpm. Not bad, but the LS, GS, and RS models have 127 ft-lbs. @ 5200 rpm. That is 1000 rpm sooner for the same amount of torque. The block that I have only has 121 ft-lbs. @ 5000 rpm. That is still enough to have a fast engine. Combine that low end torque with the high revving head, and you have a monster of an engine. (As long as you can deliver enough fuel). To compare the torque readings from my B16a vs. the stock b18a: The b16a is 112 ft-lbs. @7000 vs. 121 ft-lbs. @5000. That is 9 ft-lbs. more 2000 rpm sooner. Simpler put, the most power that my B16a had will be available around 5000 rpm on my LS/VTEC! Imagine how it will feel when I revv it up to 8200!

How much will the Ls/Vtec Cost me?
Well, here is what I spent:

That brings a grand total to: About $1000-1100 because some of the numbers are from memory. Of course, if you wanted to do it, you wouldn't have to buy all new parts. Some of the parts could have been used again, say the water pump and the oil seals, the rod bolts and some of the gaskets. Since I had to bore it out, that cost me quite a bit extra, $300+! My suggestion is find an engine that won't need to bored and that will save you a bunch.

10-10-02: Overall it was a very fast motor. I should have tuned it better but I didn't really have any good tools or anything. I am doing it right this time and turboing my b16a. Ls/vtec would have been extremely fast with a few more upgrades like cams, fidanza flywheel, and better fuel tuning.

High Compression: Simply put, it is the cylinder volume(cc's or cubic centimeters) compared to the combustion chamber volume. the equation is: CV+CCV/CCV (example: B16a engine: Total dispacement is 1595cc. that means 398.75cc per cylinder. Then you take the combustion chamber volume (42.7) and add it to 398.75= 441.45cc. Next, divide by the same number= 10.34. In other words, 441.45cc of air/fuel is compressed into 42.7cc's worth of space. B16a compression is actually 10.34:1

Milling: A process in which small amounts of something like cylinder head, rods, or pistons are ground to have a flat surface or to fit better.

Knock Sensor: Detects engine knocking due to pre-ignition and changes timing or boost level to correct.

Updated 1-22-02

Coming soon: Pics, links, and for sale!