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In order for the Vtec to be activated on the Ls/Vtec motor, there has to be a sufficient oil supply going to the vtec solenoid. Since the b18a blocks were not meant to be used inconjunction with a vtec head, the oil supply holes do not line up. This is where the fun part comes in. First thing to do is plug the oil hole in the head. Second, open the other oil hole in the other end of the head. Third, make one of these using brass fittings from Home Depot or Lowe's.

This acutally required a lot of work to figure out which parts to buy, since my example didn't say. Next, you must buy 3 ft. of stainless steel hose, attach fittings on the end and then attach it to the T-fitting. It should look like this when finished.

the line on the top goes to the new oil hole in the head. The little thing in the middle is the stock oil pressure sending unit. The bottom hose goes to the hole where the stock pressure sending unit came from. Pretty simple huh? After the oil line is in place the only thing left to do is drill a hole for the knock sensor and relocate the dowel pins.