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  • Sleeve Kit $600
  • optional, stock sleeves will handle up to about 12-14 lbs. of boost
  • Block Guard/Post $100 (adds upper cylinder support, high boost)
  • Forged Rods (Eagle $325 shipped)
  • Stock rods will handle up to about 12-14 lbs. of boost
  • Pistons/Rings, about $450
  • stock pistons will handle about 300 hp.
  • Type R oil pump or Reman stock pump
  • offers many turbos at good prices. Expect $550+ for a new turbo.
  • Manifold, about $200
  • Turbo Piping will be about $100 depending on where you get it and if you can form and cut it yourself.
  • Oil lines, $30
  • 550cc RC Injectors, about $250-300
  • offers Standalone fuel management at a very good price. What does this mean, very precise and easy tuning=More Power. Expect about $600 for everything new, little less for used.
Bearings and gaskets will run you about $200. Most likely you won't have to replace all the bearings. Most of the seals and gaskets it is a good idea to replace while they are out. Makes it leak a lot less.
As far as headwork, a mild port and polish and a valve job is the most you need to do. Keep in mind, the more you do now, the better results you will get later.
You will want to have 3 gauges in your car.
  1. A/F Gauge
  2. Oil Pressure
  3. Boost
This way you always know what is going on.
All those prices add up to more than what you told me. But "power is not cheap." With the stuff above, you will be in the 11's if you can get traction. hehe. Now if you want to save a little money, you will have to sacrifice a litte bit. first thing, you can probably get away with DSM injectors which are 450cc and only cost about $50 for a set. that will save you about $250. the stock internals will hold about 12-14 lbs. of boost depending on what turbo you have. You can also ditch the sleeve kit, but you will be limited to around 16-18 lbs. of boost(depending on turbo) and always risk blowing the motor. Which is not good. I am getting a sleeve kit that will hold over 60 psi, meaning whatever I want to boost, I can. Costs $1200. damn. You could also build your own turbo manifold and buy a junkyard turbo. That would save you a lot.
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